- voiced by Grace Carreno -

Leeta is a headstrong young orphan girl who pals around with Milo & Eddie, a couple of pickpockets and mischief-makers. After an encounter with the Wolfman one terrifying moonlit night, she teams up with the Frankenstein Monster to track down the beastly predator that threatens her village.

The Monster

- voiced by Tom Zack -

Many years after the death of his creator, the Monster has found a refuge as caretaker of the village cemetery. Kept in isolation by his ghoulish appearance, the Monster has developed an appreciation for books and music, and is joined in his solitude by his dog, Yip.

The Wolfman

"Even a man who is pure in heart and says his prayers by night may become a wolf when the wolfsbane blooms, and the autumn moon is bright"...


Milo is a brainy little fellow, a shrewd problem solver and a skilled pickpocket. He is an orphan, like his friends Leeta and Eddie, and all three of them stumble onto an adventure beyond their wildest nightmares on the night of a full moon.


- voiced by Meghan Campbell -

The youngest of the three orphans, Eddie likes candy and wishes he were part of a real family. Quick on his toes, Eddie is a born survivor.


- voiced by Charles Reeder -

As a young man, Ridley fought in far away wars. Now, he writes adventure stories full of strange people and places. Since arriving in town, he has been staying in rooms above the Scabbard Inn.


A bewitching gypsy girl, Esmeralda's enflamed, youthful passions become the catalyst for a tragic turn of events.


- voiced by Gorkam Tolan -

Esmeralda's jealous husband, and Madame Ouspenskyaya's son, Yanko is head of a travelling clan of gypsies.

Madame Ouspenskyaya

A wizened gypsy crone, Madame Ouspenskaya possesses great knowledge of arcane lore. As revenge for a wrong against her family, she invokes a powerful curse...

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