Discover how RAVEN was created entirely on home computers!


Part I: Altering Reality with Photoshop


In order to get rolling on the project as quickly as possible, it was decided that it might be best to cheat certain shots in the film. Instead of building and rendering three dimensional sets in the computer, the same effect could be achieved by doctoring up existing photographs in Adobe Photoshop. Here is an example:
The photo, as it originally appears.
In order to accomodate the cinemascope aspect ratio, the photo is enhanced using Adobe Photoshop. Through a method of cut & paste, the church exterior is extended toward the borders of the frame.
Then, atmospheric lighting is applied (to match clouds which will be inserted into the background), and 3D rendered trees are brought into the foreground to obscure the photos rough edges. The green background will be keyed out later, allowing the background element to show through.
The 3D, animated background element.

The image, as it appears in the film.