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Part II: More Fun With Photoshop

The original three elements -

The first Photoshop enhancement. Here, the pavement and left-side building from the second photo element are combined with the right-side wall and far building of the first photo. Note the green screen sky - this was put in place in case I wanted to use a wide shot of the alley and see clouds overhead.

The next step - altering the image to fit the widescreen aspect.

The third element (of the wall advertising "Victoria's Theater") is altered in perspective and placed in the scene, and the building on the left is extended to the edge of the frame. In order to apply the lighting, the background is removed to be lit differently.

The completed background element.

The final shot, as featured in the film. The Virtual Actor is rendered against a green background, which is then "keyed" out (everything green in the picture is made transparent) and the background shows through. The illusion is convincing enough as Father Cross walks down the alley and toward the camera, even casting a shadow upon the wall next to him.