In life Rachael Blackstone was a healer and soothsayer, gifted in the art of the Craft. Owning an innocuous tarot shop nevertheless attracted the attention of others seeking to seize her power, and she was brutally raped and murdered.

In the Deadside she was recruited into a coven of Demon Slayers, full of wrath and vengeance, bound by a blood oath to hunt down and destroy all of the Devil's minions. The fires of Hell extinguished all traces of her mortal existence, for she was reborn and re-christened RAVEN.

And now, with the fate of Hell and Earth hanging in the balance, Raven has been dispatched back to the Land of the Living to do battle and ultimately confront the truth about her past.


A powerful sorcerer, Saracen began his life as a Roman Catholic priest before renouncing God and plunging himself into the Black Arts.

That was in 1893.

Since then, Saracen has traveled the globe in search of mystic talismans and totems in an effort to feed his thirst for knowledge and achieve ultimate power. Saracen also controls The Consortium, a shadowy secret society bent on ruling the world through contacts made with demonic creatures from the Deadside.


The daughter of a storefront spiritualist, Poizon has always forged her own way in the world. Her artistic talents found an outlet in the guise of drawing tattoos, and it wasn't long before Poizon had opened up her own shop.

An interest in the occult never prepared her for the maelstrom that followed her discovery of a strange woman in the alley adjacent to her store; or the danger to her life that her mother's birthright would bring upon her.


A true denizen of Hell, Azazel had existed both across time and on multiple planes of existence before an act of insubordination got him remanded to the realm of Earth as punishment.

In a weakened but still powerful state, he met up with the globe trotting wizard Saracen, and together they devised a plan that would see Azazel burning down all that was built in Hell and on Earth to exact his revenge.


A devout Catholic priest, Father Cross has devoted his life to battling evil in all it's forms.

His mission has taken him to the darkest regions of Mexico, Iran, India and the Caribbean, both in an effort to save God's children and recover sacred items for the Church.

Although he does not know it yet, his latest find, a bloodstone discovered in the pits of Calcutta, is the key piece in an apocalyptic plan devised by a powerful clan of occultists . . .


One of the Devil's Legion, Peloquinn has come to Earth to make preparations with Azazel for the final plan. He bears the scars of many encounters with the Demon Slayers, and makes it a personal hobby to collect the heads of those unfortunate enough to lose in a fight.