Q: What is RAVEN?

"Colin Clarke's RAVEN" is a short, animated film created entirely on home computers.

In life, Rachael Blackstone was a healer. But after a brutal murder at the hands of an evil sorcerer, she was reborn in the firey pits of Hell as RAVEN, the demonslayer.

Brought back to the living realm 15 years later, Raven's mission is to destroy the demons who have made a pact with a shadowy syndicate to unleash a demonic apocalypse upon the earth. But in doing so, she uncovers links to her own forgotten past, and secrets of which she was unaware . . .

Q: What software was used to create RAVEN?

A: Curious Labs' Poser 4, Adobe Premiere, Metacreations Bryce 3D, Adobe After Effects, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Creative Labs' Wave Studio.

Q: How long did it take to make the movie?

A: RAVEN was created over a period of about 8 months.

Q: How long is the movie?

RAVEN runs 23 minutes

Q: What kind of hardware did you use?

A: The entire film was created on desktop computers, running Pentium III processors and 256kb RAM. There was no special hardware involved in the creation of the film itself, although a video capture device was used to output the final movie to digital tape.

Q: How many people worked on RAVEN?

A: All of the animation and most of the design work was done by Colin Clarke. All of the music was created by Ryan Wummel.

Q: How can I see "Colin Clarke's RAVEN"?

A: A Double Feature DVD featuring both RAVEN and RAVEN 2 is available for $9.99 here.

You can also see it by following the links to our Screening Room, and choosing from one of the three sites listed there. It is available in a variety of formats, including QuickTime, MPEG, RealVideo and Windows Media.