Passion and murder are in store for two party girls whose steamy sexual encounter turns bloody when a black-gloved killer follows them home.

Taking its cue from Italian "giallo" thrillers of the 1970's, SLIT is a contemporary horror experience that mixes together a color-saturated visual style, vivid sensuality, and shocking violence, set to a pulsating synthesizer score.

"Giallo" - Italian for "yellow" - refers to a genre of films inspired by pulp mystery novels published in Italy with distinctive yellow covers. "Giallo" films of the 1960's-1970's bear a distinct, baroque cinematic style -- and are known for their vivid colors and bizarre camerawork, fetishistic close-ups, iconic black-gloved killers, and nerve-jangling scores. Practitioners of the "giallo" arts include Dario Argento, Mario Bava, Umberto Lenzi, and Lucio Fulci.

SLIT was envisioned as a mashup between the sizzling eroticism of early Brian DePalma (his Body Double, Dressed to Kill and Blow Out are unofficial "giallos") and the colorful-yet-brutal cinematic overkill of Argento (Suspiria, Deep Red), accompanied by an 80's-style electronic score reminiscent of Giorgio Moroder (Cat People, Scarface), Jan Hammer, or Tangerine Dream.

SLIT was produced by the filmmaking team of writer/director Colin Clarke and cinematographer Brent Jepsen, who previously collaborated on the award-winning horror short, “Witchfinder”. Composer Andrew Kalbfus previously contributed scores for "Frankenstein vs the Wolfman" and "Raven's Hollow".

Lillian Lamour is a Chicagoland "Scream Queen." She studied acting technique at the Chicago Act One Studio, and has appeared in the feature film "Incall", various episodes of the Michigan-based TV series "The Midnight Hour", CNBC's "American Greed", "Gordon Finn" and "Candie's Harem."

Miranda Cox was born in Newton, Kansas and began acting and singing at the tender age of 4. She has starred in "Falling Stars" a supplement for the role-playing game Contagion.

Aley Kreinz is a Rockford, IL-based actress who has starred in "Words Like Knives", "Legacy of the Masque", "Asunder", "Soul Searchers", "Cafe Despair" and "It's Complicated.".

Travis Worthey is a Rockford, IL based actor and artist, whose film credits include “Witchfinder” and “Raven’s Hollow”.

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